Originally we built our high-quality lumber mill in Houston to keep up with warehouse inventory. Keeping S2S and S4S products in stock was difficult without a mill.

Since we built it, we’ve grown from three lumber mill employees to 15. We process S2S, S3S, and S4S boards as well as moulding.

We cut standard and custom moulding profiles.

85 percent of our S4S lumber comes directly from our Houston lumber mill. We make all of our hardwood profiles like poplar, maple, and red oak, from an inch and a half wide to 1×12 on some wood species.

All of our S4S, S3S, and S2S boards are moulder quality.

Lumber Mill in Houston - hwp.us
<strong>Hardwood Products keep fresh inventory <strong> Thanks to our lumber mill in Houston we keep the warehouse stocked so you never have to wait for what you need