Building cabinets and store displays for 40 years. My favorite lumber and plywood supplier. Good folks there.

Paul Kirwin

Great variety of species of wood. Rough down and s4s. Sheet goods as well. Awesome staff and super helpful and friendly.

Michael McCain Local Guide

Workers are always very helpful quick and courteous.

Mitchell Perry Local Guide

I didn't know quite what to expect and was completely blown away. Incredible selection of choice exotic wood at great prices! I'll be back for more!

Wayne H Franklin

Best place in Houston to buy wood! Prices are cheap and the quality of the wood is great. I recommend them to everyone I know. Also the staff is friendly and quick. I'll be going there as long as there open to get my wood.

Mario Robledo

Very nice place! The staff are great and helpful!!

Jennifer DeDonato

Great customer service. They helped me pick out the best wood to use for my project at the price point I wanted. They know their products.

Andrew Slocum Local Guide

A good selection of hardwoods at resonable prices.

Fritz Fink

This is a great place to go for cabinetmaking grade hardwoods and high quality hardwood plywood sheets with good amount ofinventory.

They have a wide selection of species to look through and excellent customer service. They provide great dollies for strolling about the different aisles to pick out the selection.

I find myself returning there frequently to pick up more quality hardwood for my next cabinet project. A great place for woodwork is to spend some time.

John Greene

This place is amazing! I was like a kid in a candy store :) they have everything! The service I received at the sales counter and from the guys on the floor were very helpful. . I would most certainly recommend this place.

MinistryIn TheMirror